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Rodrigo and Jessica Luff are a So-Cal based husband and wife team primarily drawing up storyboards and concept sketches for the advertising industry. Jessica is a California native with a BFA in Illustration from Cal-State Long Beach and Rod is an Australian mail-order husband who studied figure drawing and painting at Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney. When not on an advertising gig, Rod enjoys making elaborate oil paintings that he has exhibited in galleries and sold to collectors all around the world, while Jess uses that time to do all the boring non-art related stuff you have to do to run an in-home studio and household. They started their luff story in 2011, married in 2018 and can't be happier together, unless they're helping you out on a project!


HBO, Warner Bros, Netflix, Paramount, Amazon Studios, Apple TV+, FXX, Twentieth Century Fox, Disney, Lionsgate, AMC, DC, Hersheys, Samsung, Sephora,Volkswagen, DoorDash, McDonalds, Taco bell, Kingsford Charcoal,HP, M&Ms, Square, PetSmart, Marvel, Skittles, Redbull, KitchenAid, Ava Max, Doja Kat, Karol G, Braun, Kellogg's Cereal, Dell, Natural Light Seltzer, St. Ives Skincare, Caviar, Epic, RISE, James Hardie, UCSD, Sees Candies, Bleacher Report, NFL, Aveeno, Braun American Family Insurance, Core Home Fitness, Upstart, Govx, CLEAR, Cava Bowl, Enfamil, Coursera, LD Office Supplies, EyeBuy Direct, Nurx, Paychex, Deloitte, Libresse, Nauto, Cruise, Noom, Suavitel, Humira, Latuda, Annovera, FTX, Blockfolio, Eufy, Outer

"Having to work with a different storyboard artist to finish up the process really showed the value and excellence of your work. Not just artistically, you guys "get it" without having to over-explain the concept." - Tim Hsiung, Executive Producer at Hero LA

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