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Working with director Danielle Shapira, Rod drew a series of agency boards featuring Paris Hilton for Taco Bell's Volcano Menu comeback.

They involved imagining a 90's retro futuristic stage design, carefully drawing likeness of Paris and adapting boards to fit various social media formats, eg. Tik Tok and Instagram stories.

Drew the likeness of Korean popstar Bibi for Samsung's new phone, the Galaxy A. Directed by Christine Yuan with Object and Animal.

Directed by Carlyn Hudson, Jess drew storyboards with the likeness of Whitney Cummings for Vagina Appreciation day and Annovera birth control. Produced by Imposter and agency  McCann New York.

Under direction of Cameron Dutra I storyboarded shots for a Latuda commercial with Florence Production studio currently airing on network television.

*Starts 15 seconds in.

Illustrated concept art of Doja Cat's performance for the MTV EMA's under art direction of Brett Alan Nelson


I was hired by Quickframe to draw storyboards for GOVX which is now airing on national television and streaming sites.